Git Gone is a post-50's rock 'n' roll band. Not a retro or revival band, there's no attempt to recreate the great sounds of their influences, but rather to build on the legacy. The influences of early Elvis, Carl Perkins, Junior Parker, Johnny Cash, The Five Royals and others are there in equal measure.
Released in 1995 on cassette only, Rockin' Tunes remains a favorite of many Git Gone fans. Karen Biller is on drums; Sharon Ward on bass and vocals; Jim Stringer on guitar and vocals. Rockin' Tunes has been remastered for CD, but is available only for a limited time as a one-off special... each disk is individually prepared in our studio... only 50 will be available! Songs include "Big Hunk of Love", "I Could Love You", "Ode to Better Living", and a special bonus track available ONLY on this one-off special, "Sweet Vermouth".
Gone Rockin' is Git Gone's second release on The Music Room record label in 1998. Lee Potter took over on drums in 1997. Sharon Ward on upright bass and vocals. Jim Stringer on guitar and vocal. Songs include originals such as "Opposite Attraction", "This Time", and "Write About Stars" as well as covers of Otis Blackwell's "Paralyzed" and Wayne Walker's "Love Me".