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A note from the producer:
Instrumental guitar music has played a major role in my own musical life. My first band, formed in 1960 during the surf-era, played all instrumental selections. However, some of the music of the time that most captivated me was that played by Chet Atkins, Hank Garland, Merle Travis and Joe Maphis. Years later, when I was exposed to the likes of Jimmy Bryant, Speedy West, Leon Rhodes, and Jimmie Rivers, I found Chet and Merle were just the exposed tip of the iceberg.

The idea of recording an album of country-jazz influenced guitar instrumentals had been perking in my mind's cauldron for some time now. A gentle nudge from Dave Biller got the ball rolling. The wealth of guitar talent in Austin plus my available home studio made this project a reality.

Travis County Pickin' (obviously a combination of Travis picking and Travis County) is fifteen song compilation of original compositions by Austin guitarists, performed by the composers. The songs follow the country-jazz traditions established by artists such as Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Leon Rhodes and The Texas Troubadours.

The tracks were recorded in my home studio -- I got some great sounds, the surroundings were relaxed, and time was flexible... there was no studio clock running. The project has a down-home feel, the emphasis being on performance rather than the recording technology used to capture the performance.

--Jim Stringer

Travis County Pickin' succeeds BIG TIME on several different levels for me personally: as a die-hard fan of this style of music, as one who is both a serious listener and ''in the business'' of writing about music - and as a guitar player. The musicianship on this project is very inspiring. It makes me want to grab my guitar and play. And I'm sure you'll find that after hearing the first couple of tracks you'll be reaching for your guitar and programming the repeat cycle on your CD player for continuous play. This project also leaves me extremely confident that as long as there are pickers like these folks, the great players and styles of the past will not be forgotten and the future of country guitar will be guaranteed by some mighty fine caretakers.

Jim Hilmar
Vintage Guitar Magazine ''SPOTLIGHT'' Columnist
from the liner notes of Travis County Pickin'
February 1997

Travis County Pickin' is dedicated to my father, Art Stringer, (Oct 14, 1918-Feb 1, 1997) who bought me my first Stella guitar and started this ball rollin'... I miss him...

...and to Speedy West, whose incredible body of work has been an inspiration to not only steel players, but guitarists and all musicians!

--Jim Stringer

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